Jeremy Parsons: User-Centered Design, Mechanical Engineering and Product Development
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Ideation Meeting : Working with Stakeholders to Identify New Product Requirements

Ideation Meeting : Working with Stakeholders to Identify New Product Requirements

Medtronic (MITG): Early Product Development

I am currently a R&D Engineer at Medtronic in the Minimally Invasive Therapies Group in Boulder, CO. I work on a small, diverse team specializing in early product development of Medtronic's next generation of energy-based surgical devices. My role has granted me a unique opportunity to lead over 20 ideation meetings with key Medtronic stakeholders (R&D, marketing, business development, human factors, operations, and many others).

By tapping into the diverse knowledge across the company, my team is able to determine identify user needs and product requirements to develop novel surgical devices. Design concepts are validated with prototype iterations and design reviews, thus driving down product development risk and aligning future products with the needs of the patients and doctors.  In parallel with surgical device design efforts, my team is also developing a product opportunity assessment tool to enhance the transition of future prototypes to product development.

In April, I presented my team's novel surgical system architecture to the Medtronic MITG executive board, at the annual the Future of Energy Technology strategy counsel. The designs were well received, and will hopefully feed into the FY18 portfolio strategy!

NOTE: My product designs with Medtronic are strictly confidential and cannot be shared publicly as of now. Please feel free to reach out to me, as I am happy to speak about my current role and experience!